The aim of a overhaul process is the 100% restoration of the operating status for PUMPS, MIXERS and DRILL RIGS as per original design specifications.
In order to reduce the total overhaul cost, any intervention on systems and equipment may require renewed and / or new components, based on the customer's request and state of wear of the equipment at the end of the last use.
DRILL PAC overhauls and modifies the machines and their systems, keeping them efficient and current over time, thus ensuring an high number of reuses.
The large number of machines now on the market means that the ability to overhaul and modify will take on increasing importance, and many manufacturers are lacking in this respect, limiting themselves to offering new machines at obviously higher prices.
The overhaul procedures performed by DRILL PAC always return the equipment to an efficiency equal to a corresponding new machine. In case of changes, careful work is carried out to design and optimize the equipment for the new use it will be intended for.

DRILL PAC is able to:
• design and carry out all the necessary modifications for the new site;
• ensure that the modified and overhauled machines are able to perform the required work with maximum efficiency;
• to certify the installation of the modified and overhauled system with the European conformity mark;
• oversee on-site assembly and start-up phases.