The DRILL PAC Mixing Units series is characterized by plants for the production of fluid mixtures which guarantee productions from 8 to 30 m³ per hour ( and able to manage up to four components completely automatically (typically water, cement, bentonite and polymer). These equipment, depending on the specific needs of the customer, can be built on open skids or in containerized version.

The rapid water filling function of the primary mixer is performed by a dedicated centrifugal pump; the control panel is housed in a specific separate compartment, as are the compressor and the electrical connections, placed in special insulated compartments.

Automation of mixing units is carried out by electro-pneumatic system through the use of load cells and PLC for the management and dosage of components as well as all mixing and transfer times of the mixture to agitator waiting tank. The data relating to production and therefore to individual components can be recorded on SD card.